Balcones de Calafate

Enjoy a unique 4x4 trail and get to know El Calafate from above.

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4 hours

(Duration may vary depending on weather conditions.)

Guiden Tour

(Professional Turist Guide)

Departure from your Hotel


(Nuestro Guía y Transporte te buscaran en tu hotel)

Difficulty Low

(Se requiere de buen estado físico para poder afrontar la senda de trekking).

No food or technical equipment required

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Tour Description:


We begin the tour of the hotels (this service can take around 15 minutes) and then complete a journey of approximately 15 kilometers to the base of the Balcón's chairlift.


We ascend 350 meters of unevenness until we reach the top. Already at a height of 990 meters above sea level, we find the Trekkers plus our guides and drivers to start a 1½ hour tour on the line of the hills located behind the town. This crossing takes us through steppe landscapes, reaching heights of up to 1050 meters above sea level.



Our first stop is at a natural viewpoint that offers a magnificent and unique panoramic view of El Calafate and the central body of Lake Argentino. The tour allows us to appreciate views towards the Andes Mountains and the area of ​​accumulation of the glaciers, towards Boca del Diablo (narrowest part of the lake, towards the Upsala arm). If the weather accompanies us and before a completely clear sky we will see the hills Fitz Roy and Torre in El Chaltén.



Continuing our ascent we reach the Labyrinth of Stones: formation of the Cretaceous period that dates back 85 million years, this whole area was once a riverbed which gives us the possibility of finding fossil remains. After finishing the tour, we return to the return point of the chairlift, descend and take the last photos of the imposing Lake Argentino.

Datos del Recorrido



10 km


(Nuestro Guía y Transporte te buscaran en tu hotel en el horario pactado)


30 min


(La duración del trayecto puede variar dependiendo del clima u otros factores).


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